D2805-Belle-Stirling Oak - Doe Brown

D2805-Belle-Stirling Oak – Doe Brown

D-4168-Belle-Summit Oak - Saddle Brown

D-4168-Belle-Summit Oak – Saddle Brown

D-4170-Belle-Distressed Teak - Natural

D-4170-Belle-Distressed Teak – Natural

D4169-Belle-Summit Oak - Natural

D4169-Belle-Summit Oak – Natural

D-2999-Vue-Highland Oak - Aged Brown

D-2999-Vue-Highland Oak – Aged Brown

D-2450-Mondo-Cutter Oak - Sage Grey

D-2450-Mondo-Cutter Oak – Sage Grey

D-2457-Mondo-Exotic Teak - Russett Brown

D-2457-Mondo-Exotic Teak – Russett Brown

D-2928-Mondo-Majestic Oak - Natural

D-2928-Mondo-Majestic Oak – Natural

D-2929-Mondo-English Oak - Earth Brown

D-2929-Mondo-English Oak – Earth Brown

D-2977-Mondo-Asturia Oak - Charcoal

D-2977-Mondo-Asturia Oak – Charcoal

D-2978-Mondo-Navaro Oak - Stone Grey

D-2978-Mondo-Navaro Oak – Stone Grey

D-2986-Mondo-Brazilian Teak -  Spice Brown

D-2986-Mondo-Brazilian Teak – Spice Brown

Which Style to Choose

There are three basic carpet construction types that are used to create different styles and textures and all have different features.

Caring for your Carpet

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to make that sure your carpet keeps its good looks for as long as possible.

We Use Quality Underlay

The surface on which your carpet is laid is just as important as the carpet itself. It is for this very reason that we stock the very best!